How to Influence: The Ultimate Secret

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The only reason it is a secret is that you have probably forgotten it, or it has become lost in the mass of knowledge and skills you have accumulated. It is not profound or clever — it is actually simple and easy to understand.

If you remember it and keep it at the forefront of your mind as you go about your work, you will enjoy far more success. Over time, and with diligence, you will become highly influential and a natural leader. There are several components to this secret and all need to be aligned to make it truly effective for you.

Because its wisdom is scattered in fragments throughout your busy mind, the secret loses power and impact. To gain the ultimate benefit, all you need to do is make it one of your core drivers, values or even your life’s motto.

I could be accused of exaggerating this as the ultimate secret; but if so, guilty as charged. My motive is to bring it to your attention because I am convinced it will help you and those around you. The ultimate secret of influence, I believe is…

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