Wrongfully Accused of Bullying

By Colin Gautrey


Bullying is a growing problem facing organisations and the number of lawsuits flying about is attracting fee-hungry lawyers. It occurs to me that there is a rapidly rising risk that ambitious and well-meaning individuals could be falsely accused of bullying in their drive for results. If you are a particularly determined character, you need to take this risk seriously and do something about it before you end up with a blot on your otherwise glittering career record.

Curiously, the Gautrey Influence Profile can provide clues about who is most at risk of this accusation. As a psychometric instrument, it determines preferred behaviour when seeking to influence. The two dimensions relevant here are Tact and Diplomacy and Determination. If you score low on Tact and Diplomacy and high on Determination, you are definitely in the high risk category and need to make sure that your drive is not being misinterpreted — and fast before this ugly whisper starts to circulate!

I’d be very interested to hear your views on this topic and also, suggestions for how an individual with high determination can safely navigate these choppy waters.

PS I just had a quick peep at the data, and it appears that there is a 28% probability that if you score highly on Determination, you will also score low on Tact and Diplomacy!

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